Ep 011 - Pete Yorn

Since his debut 2001 release “musicforthemorningafter”, Pete Yorn has consistently toured and made a bunch of solo albums, a duet album with Scarlet Johansson and one release with J.D. King as The Olms. Nic was the first dj to play Pete’s music on the radio and was happy to welcome him to the World Arts stage for a three song session that include two songs form his new (sixth) album “Arranging Time”. Check out the songs and Pete’s “21 Questions” interview where among other things he talks about influences raging from The Smiths to Supertramp and Sesame Street!

"I'm Not The One” (Part 1)
"Undercover” (Part 2)
"Halifax” (Part 3)
"21 Questions with Nic Harcourt" (Part 4)