Ep004 - Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry’s Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll met in 2011 when Parisian born Marie was the stylist on a video for Bruce’s previous band Blondfire. He loved her voice and fancied her something rotten, so of course he asked her if she ’d be interested in writing some songs together (say no more). They fell in love as they wrote recorded and released their first EP Let The Games Begin, they’ve been recording and touring ever since and approach the business side of the new music industry paradigm by releasing their music as they make it. Check out the songs and their cute “21 Questions” interview with Nic. L’amour rend belle musique.

"Home" (Part 1)
"Yeah You;" (Part 2)
"Shaky Ground" (Part 3)
"21 Questions with Nic Harcourt" (Part 4)