Ep 012 - Deap Vally

Although both originally hailing from the San Fernando Valley, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards actually met at a crochet class in LA’s hipster groove suburb Silver Lake in 2010, before deciding to make music together as Deap Vally. They released their debut album Sistrionix in 2013 to immediate critical claim and tours across the world with the likes of The Vaccines and Muse. On this episode of “Nic Harcourt’s Transmissions” the band give us a taste of songs from their new album Feminism, and reveal that swimming might be a superpower.

"Royal Jelly” (Part 1)
"Little Baby Beauty Queen” (Part 2)
"Smile More” (Part 3)
"21 Questions with Nic Harcourt" (Part 4)