KGUP FM Acoustic Night at The Rose

KGUP FM Emerge Radio is hosting a monthly show at The Rose in Pasadena, California in the Lobby Lounge. Each night will consist of 1-2 acts, with each artist also being considered for airplay and featured interviews broadcasted on KGUP FMEmerge Radio. KGUP FM’s goal is to create a good performance environment opportunity that will allow local artists to share their work with the community.

The Rose is Pasadena, California’s hottest new premier concert venue, and this is an opportunity to be scouted to open for a major recording artist, or a popular tribute band, plus an opportunity for you to get your recorded material heard on the popular Indie radio station, KGUP FM Emerge Radio.

Please keep set length at or under 50 minutes. Please make every attempt to bring AT LEAST 20 people to your performance (over 21 encouraged; under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

Please provide all your own cables and instruments. NO DRUM SETS, NO AMPLIFIERS! Bands can perform with acoustic instruments and percussion only. Microphones and PA will be provided. Also available for use is a grand piano. If you are a piano artist, you are welcome to use the grand piano at the venue.

Location: Pasadena, CA

Genre: Multi-Genre

Submission Guidelines:

Please keep lyrics and content family-friendly.

Open to all artists and bands registered with WorldArts. Submission should be an original track in video (.mov or mp4) and/or audio (mp3) format, maximum size 50MB. No covers will be accepted. Selected artist(s) will be notified via email. Selected Artists must respond to WorldArts within seven days of receiving the notification email or else will forfeit the opportunity. International artists/bands must provide documentation for their own entry into the U.S. Unless otherwise stated, travel, accommodations or any other expenses related to the opportunity will not be included. Inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions, as well as submissions that do not fit the brief and follow the guidelines, will be removed.

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Winner Announced
 Dec 07, 2016
Acceptable Media:
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